Founded in London in 2015, Krama Yoga was created with the aim to support ongoing yoga education and build a community of teachers who care. We started simply, with monthly gatherings hosted by our senior mentors donating their time to guide our teachers with tools and techniques for teaching in the real world, and from there it grew. 

Today, Krama Yoga has grown to touch many countries and communities around the world with online and offline training courses and a growing community of people passionate about sharing a practice with purpose.


What is Krama?

The name Krama derives from the term Vinyasa Krama; 'Vi’ which translates to ‘of special attention or awareness’, Nyasa’ which means ‘to place or put with intention', and 'Krama', the Sanskrit word for succession, or a 'step-by-step' process to achieve a certain objective or purpose.

Put simply, ‘vinyasa’ is the what and ‘krama’ is the why, and for us, in practice and teaching, the why is the most important part.

A Practice with Purpose

Having a ‘why’ is what life, yoga and teaching is all about. Krama Yoga represents the intelligent connection between intention and attention in the practice. Not just practice for practice sake, but what we like to call a practice with purpose.

How to Join Us

Teacher Training

Our 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher trainings offers a more intensive study of the practice, covering both the foundations and techniques of yoga. Our Advanced 300 hour training is an online training with both on demand and optional live components. All courses are Yoga Alliance Approved. 


Online Courses

Dive into one of our online and on-demand short courses . These 20 hour immersions are open to all teachers and dedicated students who are interested in learning more about speciality focuses within the practice.


A Global Community

Every student who join us is invited to become part of our global community of yoga teachers and is invited to Krama Kula, our monthly online teachers catch up, as well as many other opportunities both on and off the mat to learn, share and grow together.


Our Patashala Mantra

In Sanskrit, patashala is the word for ‘a place a learning’ or a school, but not in a formal setting with walls, chairs and desks, but rather in a casual setting where we gather together to learn, share and hear the wisdoms of our teachers and elders. Often the translation can be shared as ‘under the shade of the mango tree’ which is a beautiful phrase that inspires our strong sense of community and an opportunity to learn, share and grow, together.

Our Krama Yoga mantra is 'Practice with Purpose', an inspired perspective for practicing and teaching with intention. To have purpose means always having a ‘why’ and dedicating your time to a meaningful and valuable way of being. As you practice, hold this truthfully within your gaze and as you teach, share this with certainty to your own students. Teaching yoga is a practice that mimics life, and to practice with purpose inspires our way of living, both on and off the mat.