Intelligent Sequencing & Teaching Techniques

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Aug 4-14, 2022
Dublin, Ireland

This training is 9 days
There is no training on August 8 & 9th, 2022
Facilitated by:
Michael James Wong
Hosted at: Yogahub

Course Fee: €1,450.00 (EUROS)


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This training is 9 days
Facilitated by: Michael James Wong
Course Fee: £1,350.00 (GBP)


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Welcome to Krama, our 100 hour advanced training module designed to investigate intelligent sequencing for yoga asana practice. This methodology will share the necessary teaching techniques for designing and delivering safe, effective and purposeful practices.

Krama is the sanskrit word for ‘succession’, or a step-by-step sequence of events working towards achieving a certain intention or specific goal. In application for yoga sequencing for an asana practice, this method is understood as Vinyasa Krama, a sequence of postures, a sequence of postures placed with special and sacred attention towards an object or purpose, in a contemporary setting this is more commonly known as Vinyasa. These days in a western practice, teachers have a huge responsibility to plan and create classes that have relevancy and value to all levels of students, and so it is of immense importance that the classes we design and deliver are created from a place of meaningful intention.

Intelligent Sequencing & Practice Blueprints, 50 hours

  • Class planning techniques
    Principles of intelligent sequencing, Krama methodology, dropping the arc and teaching to the circle, hierarchy of the experience
  • Left brain sequencing
    Anatomical sequencing, understanding posture groups and family of postures, safe sequencing do’s & don’ts, sequencing the 8 essential practice blueprints
  • Right Brain Sequencing
    Sequencing with philosophy, theme weaving, sharing the 8 Dharmas, sequencing to the subtle body; Chakras, Gunas, Koshas

Teaching Techniques & Business of Yoga, 50 hours

  • Dialogue & verbal delivery 
  • Anatomical Cuing & creative cuing
  • XYZ Teaching Methodology
  • Holding space, making space & creating space
  • Learn to teach ladder flow sequencing
  • Building a yoga business
  • Creating your community
  • Online Teaching
  • Insights for marketing, sales, planning and content production

Course Facilitators

Michael James Wong - London, UK 
Lead Facilitator

This course is led by international facilitator Michael James Wong, who has facilitated over 3,000 hours of Yoga Teacher Training Courses in the past 12 years of teaching. Michael is a Yoga Alliance CPD and YACEP Senior Teacher who is dedicated to supporting teachers develop the tools and techniques necessary for teaching in the real world.

Michael is the Founder and the creator of the Krama Yoga course curriculum that brings together a wealth of knowledge, technique and study that respects the traditions of the practice and modern learnings and understanding for teaching in the 21st century.