Welcome to Krama Yoga, a training school and community dedicated to the education and experience of teachers and students.

Our intelligent methodology covers all aspects of yoga asana, pranayama and meditation and the opportunity to practice with purpose.

Teachers Practice

with Michael James Wong

A monthly immersion for teachers and dedicated students with weekly live and on-demand lectures, techniques, practices and discussion.

Teachers Practice will run as a series of weekly sessions LIVE & ONLINE with recordings and pre-recorded content. Each session is 90mins and will be more than just a practice. It will be part lecture and learning, teaching tips, technique tutorials, asana practice and a chance for Q&A discussion. 

Teachers Practice // June

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A Practice with Purpose


Having a ‘why’ is what life, yoga and teaching is all about. Krama Yoga represents the intelligent connection between intention and attention in the practice. Not just practice for practice sake, but what we like to call a practice with purpose.

The name KRAMA YOGA is inspired from the term Vinyasa Krama, the complete yoga practice. It is a practice that derives from Hatha yoga and is recognised as one of the most practiced styles of yoga in the world. 

The word Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word which means,

'Vi’ is the Sanskrit which translates to ‘of special attention or awareness’

Nyasa’ translates too ‘to place or put with intention’

 ‘Krama’ is the Sanskrit word for succession, or a step-by-step process towards certain objective or purpose.

Put simply, ‘vinyasa’ is the what and ‘krama’ is the why, and for us, in practice and teaching, the why is the most important part.


FREE Practice Pack

Our FREE practice pack includes two classes for you to enjoy.

Flow through a rhythmic strong and uplifting ladder flow class that connects the breath with movement and music or perfect your backbend technique with a backbends masterclass.

2 Classes // On demand

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Founded in London in 2015, Krama Yoga was created with the aim to support ongoing yoga education and build a community of teachers who care. We started simply, with monthly gatherings hosted by our senior mentors donating their time to guide our teachers with tools and techniques for teaching in the real world, and from there it grew. 

Today, Krama Yoga has grown to touch many countries and communities around the world with online and offline training courses and a growing community of people passionate about sharing a practice with purpose.