Welcome to Krama Yoga, A practice with purpose.

Welcome to Krama Yoga, a training school and community dedicated to the education and experience of teachers and students.
Our intelligent methodology covers all aspects of yoga asana, pranayama and meditation and the opportunity to practice with purpose.

What is Krama?

The name Krama derives from the term Vinyasa Krama; 'Vi’ which translates to ‘of special attention or awareness’, Nyasa’ which means ‘to place or put with intention', and 'Krama', the Sanskrit word for succession, or a 'step-by-step' process to achieve a certain objective or purpose.

Put simply, ‘vinyasa’ is the what and ‘krama’ is the why, and for us, in practice and teaching, the why is the most important part.

Free for you  

Our free offerings for you to practice at home. Join Michael James Wong for two FREE on demand classes, a Strong and Uplifting Ladder Flow and a Backbends focused practice.

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Our Podcast

Child’s Pose is our yoga podcast that aims to deepen your understanding, expand your perspective and inspire your practice. Join us as we connect with yogi’s from around the world to discuss the topics and techniques that have evolved and progressed over the years and discuss to what yoga means to the next generation of teachers. Hosted by Michael James Wong, Co-Founder of Krama Yoga, Boys of Yoga and Just Breathe.