Yoga Philosophy

Guided by Dr John Thomas Casey

Welcome to SSY Yoga Philosophy, a deep dive into the ancient wisdom of Yoga with scholar and philosophy teacher Dr John Thomas Casey. This two part course will share a comprehensive perspective of the key elements of yoga philosophy, as Dr. John shares his 50 years of study and learnings on these ancient practices.


Meet Your Guide Dr John

Yoga scholar-practitioner since 1971, Dr John holds a PHD in Asian and Comparative Philosophy from the University of Hawaii, and is Professor of Yoga Philosophy at Loyola Marymount University and the University of California at Irvine.


Course Curriculum - 20 hours total

This course is divided into two parts; Foundation & Advanced Series, offering a total of 20 hours of learning and study.

Part One - Foundational Series

An introduction to the essential learnings of:
1. Foundations - Religio-Cultural Elements of Classical India
2. Wisdom of the Upanishads - Origins of Yoga
3. Samkhya Darsana - Metaphysics of Puruña and Prakriti
4. Yoga Sütra I - Theoretical Elements of Raja Yoga
5. Yoga Sütra II - Pataïjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga
6. Hatha Yoga Pradipika - Physical Techniques and Spiritual Ascent
7. Mahabharata - Narrative Setting of the Bhagavad Gita
8. Bhagavad Gita - Yoga Teachings of Lord Krishna

8 lessons, 8 hours total length

Part Two - Advanced Series

An advanced study of:
1. Yoga Darsana Prastavana - Contextualizing Yoga Philosophy

2. Pancha-kosha Yoga - Yoga of the Five Sheaths
3. Bhakti Yoga - Yoga of Devotion
4. Samkhya Yoga - Metaphysics of the Yoga Darçana
5. Raja Yoga - Essence of Pataïjali's Yoga Sütra
6. Buddha Yoga - Sakyamuni's Yoga
7. Hatha Yoga - Energetic Transformation of the Body-Mind Complex
8. Kundalini Yoga - Tapping into Yogic Subtle Anatomy
9. Kama-Tantra-Yoga - Sexual Yogas of China, India and Tibet
10. Mandala Yoga - Transformation of Unwholesome Emotions into Wisdom Awareness
11. Ati Yoga - Beyond Practice: Yoga and Transcendence
12. Yoga Marga - Yoga Pathways in the Twenty-First Century

12 lessons, 12 hours total length

Watch a Clip

Get a taster of what's to come by watching this clip of Lecture 1 from The Foundational Series, where Dr John discusses Religio-Cultural Elements of Classical India.


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Full Series - Foundational & Advanced

This course shares a comprehensive perspective of the key elements of yoga philosophy, in this complete series of lectures Dr. John shares his 50 years of study and learnings over 20 hours of insightful lessons.

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Part One - Foundation Series

Join us for the first part of our course with Dr John Thomas Casey, in this first series you’ll immerse yourself in 8 hours of lessons guiding you through the essential learnings of yoga philosophy.

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Part Two - Advanced Series

In this second series we’ll dive even deeper into the ancient practices of yoga, taking you through more advanced subjects over 12 hours of lessons with scholar and teacher Dr John Thomas Casey.

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