Child's Pose Episode 8: Starting a Yoga Festival with David Eneroth and Andreas Hector

Season #1 Episode #8

On this episode Michael talks to David Eneroth and Andreas Hector, Co-Founders of Yoga Games about why and how they started the festival, what you should think about if you want to host a yoga event, and what makes Yoga Games so special as an experience. This is a great episode for anyone planning yoga events or festivals within their own community.

Yoga Games is the largest yoga festival in Scandinavia, and this year they celebrate their 10 year anniversary in Gothenburg. The festival features various forms of yoga, lectures and workshops from a mix of international, national and local presenters. Their goal is to convey new experiences and to get more people to discover the wonderful world of yoga. To find out more about the festival David and Ansreas founded follow @yogagames or visit