Child's Pose Episode 7: Helping Students Help Themselves with Dustin Brown

Season #1 Episode #7

This week Michael talks to Dustin Brown a dedicated yogi, vedic meditator, yoga teacher and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt who is making waves in the yoga world. In this episode they discuss the importance of creating a welcoming environment, and allowing your students to take responsibility and focus on what feels good in their own bodies during the practice.

Dustin grew up in Kauai, Hawaii and after travelling the world as a professional surfer he settled in Melbourne with his wife, Nova. He is the visionary and founder behind Warrior One Yoga, a bespoke yoga studio in Brighton, Melbourne. He brings his martial arts and surfing background to his yoga practice and through his dedication to his daily personal yoga practice, Dustin has found strength, flexibility, increased recovery, body awareness and an overall balanced lifestyle. His teaching style encourages exploring the potential of the body through the practice of mindful movement. To find out more about Dustin follow him on Instagram @dbrownyoga.