Child's Pose Episode 4: Teaching Children Mindfulness with Jase Te Patu

Season #1 Episode #4

On this episode Michael talks to Jase Te Patu, a New-Zealand based teacher and Founder of M3 Mindfulness for Children about how Maori Culture has shaped the way he teaches, and his passion for leading the next generation to a healthier and happier way of life. 

Jase Te Patu is a Ted Talk Speaker, Founder of M3 Mindfulness for Children, and Co-owner of AWHI Yoga and Wellbeing He has over 25 years worth of experience teaching in the health and wellness space. Jase is passionate about spreading the teachings of yoga and meditation to help everyone with their mental and emotional wellbeing. He particularly passionate about sharing this with our children - the future leaders!

Find out more at, and follow Jase on Instagram @jasetepatu