Asana analysis, Anatomy & Assisting Methodology

This is Seva, our 100 hour advanced training module dedicated to the practice. This training course will focus on 5 key areas of practice; asana analysis, yoga anatomy & bio-mechanics, movement planes, hands on assisting techniques and our Krama Yoga Touch Methodology.

Theory can only teach you so much, it is only when it is applied does it become relevant. As teachers we have a huge responsibly when we step into the seat of the teacher, and so before we can be of service to our students, we must first ensure we are capable and knowledge within our own personal practice. We must dedicate our attention to becoming skilled and knowledgable in the mechanics of the postures and the movements of the body, from this place of self study and inquiry we create the competency to teach and support others. We must take time to learn and make time to experience when learning how to support our students through touch and physical assisting, to cultivate strong techniques and a considered sense of approach. Respect is everything. The techniques you will learn in this course will focus on you, your practice and the wisdom of movement, and in doing so, educate you in the understanding of how we help to support and deepen our student’s experience. Cultivate these principles in your practice; respect, support and serve. This is the real yoga.

Asana Analysis, Anatomy & Dedicated Practice

  • Learning biomechanics of postures and movements planes
  • Alignment dissection of 100+ postures
  • Understanding postures families, grouping and posture blueprints
  • Yoga anatomy & physiology
  • Personal practice development
  • Practicum and physical immersion

Advanced Assisting & Touch Methodology

  • SSY Assisting Methodology
  • Code of Conduct
  • Ethics of touch
  • Assisting the student, not the posture
  • Working with injuries
  • Supporting with props, options and modifications
  • Verbal assisting
  • Assisting 100+ commonly practiced poses
  • Assisting inversions
  • Assisting restorative postures
  • Direct and compound assisting techniques

*5 day in person immersion plus on-demand content

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Course Facilitators

Michael James Wong - London, UK 
Lead Facilitator

This course is led by international facilitator Michael James Wong, who has facilitated over 3,000 hours of Yoga Teacher Training Courses in the past 12 years of teaching. Michael is a Yoga Alliance CPD and YACEP Senior Teacher who is dedicated to supporting teachers develop the tools and techniques necessary for teaching in the real world.

Michael is the Founder and the creator of the Krama Yoga course curriculum that brings together a wealth of knowledge, technique and study that respects the traditions of the practice and modern learnings and understanding for teaching in the 21st century.